Merino Wool Blanket

Cold days and sofa afternoons are the perfect allies for this 100% hand-woven blanket. A piece that is made to order in Madrid, valuing the raw material and the hands behind each point.

Merino Wool Blanket


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Made by people in Spain - Umie


It is important to emphasize the properties of wool: thermal insulation, breathable, antibacterial – favoring the absence of bad odors-

So it is not necessary, nor is it recommended to wash it. If it were to be, in extreme cases, it should be washed by hand, with cold water and lying horizontally between sun and shade for the correct drying and care of the material.

It is a natural fiber, without spun, so that small balls may appear with its use, which can be combed with a small comb or removed with the fingers.

It is recommended to ventilate it outdoors frequently.