Honest, simple and functional homeware

Behind everything we consume, in one way or another, there are people. Even is our way of betting on those who craft homeware with intention, care for details and conscious raw materials.

From our home to yours

After a decade together, living for six years in a furnished place that we had initially rented for only six months and deciding to add a new member to our family, we knew it was time to find a place of our own. A space that represents us and in which each object speaks of us, our tastes, and above all, our values.

We believe in functionality, design and people. From the first minute we knew that we would seek to fill our home with useful objects, designed from the aesthetic point of view and created in the most artisanal way possible, taking care of the finishes, the materials and the hands that make them. Thus began our search for articles full of personality and intention. A curatorial process that we could not leave alone for ourselves and that, we feel, we should share with those who also feel that their home is a place to honor what they believe in.

Welcome to Even. Everything you see here is something that we would surely have.

Natalia and Francisco.